This concept has been reenergised by the renouned Lisa Bradshaw, a Pilates Teacher trainer who is an absolute expert in classical Pilates.

She has taken Pilates back to its roots and was inspired by some old footage of Joesph Pilates himself utilising well know compound movements (think squats and lunges) with the razor sharp ‘Pilates’ focus on alignment and technique.

This class is designed to take you into fat burn zone making you sweat and ache in all the right places.
The session finishes with 20 minutes of dynamic stretching techniques to keep you well oiled for the next day.

The main benefits of HIP Pilates are

  • Mindful movement, improved body awareness and posture
  • Powerful compound strength moves utilising the whole body
  • Increased awareness on technique
  • High Intensity takes you into your Fat Burn Zone
  • Shot of endorphins. Feeling accomplished, sweaty but fantastic

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